5 hours: A Prehistoric Battle!

OK everyone, we're gonna take a little trip through time using the magical science of COMICS!! Bet you didn't know that they could do that, did you? Well, they can.

Although it seems like one of the side effects is that it'll change your hair colour.

"What are your talking about, Christopher," I hear the masses of fans yell from the 21st century. But that's not the appropriate question, you should all be asking me, "Who am I talking about?"

Sheika Lugtu, the creator of OMG Cow, a great little journal comic with flashes of colour and brilliance, made this little fight comic for me.

And so, I made a gross-out retribution comic where she shows some pretty unusual skills:

UPDATE: I just found out via her blog that Sheika got hit by a car while crossing the road a few days back. The request has been made for people to make her some guest comics while she gets better. I'm hitting my drawing board. Right Now!


Matt said...

These comic fights are so great. I love seeing artists adapt other artists' styles. So entertaining!

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

Sorry it took me forever to comment. I actually saw your FB link minutes after you posted it but my mobile doesn't let me access Blogger.

I love love love LOVE how you drew me, especially the "urk!!!" look I have in the second panel. So awesome and that is a mad skill to have! Hahaha! Thanks so much for your kind words and the retribution comic Christopher, this seriously made my day.

Sam Spina said...

these are so good. awesome barf!

Christopher Downes said...

Thanks guys!

Sheika - I'm very glad you like it. Hopefully it helped alleviate some pain.

Pili said...

Those are super cool! I love the look of both Sheika's comic and also how you draw her in the revenge comic!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Mentioned you guys on my blog :)