My Genius

Hey Everyone,
I'm gonna be in Melbourne for the next couple of days.
So, no posts until I get back.

Dinner's in the fridge and don't watch any TV after midnight!

Happy Trails!



Four Hours of Sleep


Yeeeehaw, Giddy-up!

The review that I'm talking about can be found here.

(Oh, and sorry I've done two brain comics in a row. I just couldn't resist going with this idea once I thought of it.)


It Really Was Very Funny

OK Everybody,

Patricio Betteo (!) has written an extremely flattering review of my webcomic. I'm so grateful and flabbergasted.

I just wish I wasn't 4 days behind on my comic so that I could do a comic that's in the spirit of the moment.

Oh well, in four days time, I'll have one up about it. So, keep checking.


My Unproductive Saturday

And the link to that video is here.


Briony vs Pucca

Number 789

Just to let everyone know, this comic is about me making artwork for my good friend, Patricio Betteo.