Hello Readers!
I wanted to let you know that I'm still posting. I'm just running behind due to (1)other projects including a small 36 page zine of randomly selected diary comics for the upcoming Odd&Even Market. (For those of you in Tassie, it'll be at the Long Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre on Saturday, 27th June.)

And (2), I've got a 4-5 page comic in the works, but I'm wanting to do some good work on it because it's important to me. So, I want to get it right. That means taking some time on it. After that, I'll be back to posting daily.

Oh, and (3), I got LEGO INDIANA JONES for my birthday and I can't seem to stop playing it.


Guilt From Beyond The Grave

Anybody who doesn't know Norman Lindsay, should check him out. He's one of my favourite Australian artists. He was a real cranky git, too. They've even made a movie about him.


Mail From Mexico

And guess what it was! A fantastic little portrait of Briony and me!


Dark Chocolate Mess

You know what's really cool? When one of your favourite artists does an amazing piece of art based on a song that you've suggested to him. Make it a Tom Waits song and you've got an angelic chorus (or in this case, demonic?) singing its praises.

I bow humbly at your feet, Pato.

Sour Times