Classy and Discreet, eh?

You know, there are celebrities who have inspiration quotes next to a beautiful black and white portrait that goes viral all over Facebook. And then there are celebrities like Kochie who can't give inspirational quotes because they have their foot jammed in their mouth.



Dear Ellen Degeneres,

I'm sorry. I really tried. This is the best likeness that I could get for you.

Please don't let this affect your decision to come down to Tasmania.


A Humble Cartoonist


Picking Up The Pieces

I am always astounded by how we as human beings can recuperate after a tragedy. In the face of overwhelming disaster, we can always find that pure, untouched glimmer of positive attitude.

To everyone affected by the bush fires; stay strong.


The Tasmanian Bush Fires

On Friday the 4th of January, Tasmania had a record-breaking heat wave that reached 41.8˚C (107.24˚F).

We also had high winds and that is a recipe for bush fires.

So far there have been over 100 homes lost, but no confirmed deaths. Many were stranded on the Tasman Peninsula and there were some very kind and generous people who used their boats to ferry over 1000 residents and tourists to safety.

To all Tasmanians, there are many charity drop off places to donate items, just be sure to check with them about what they NEED before you drop stuff off.

In other, more light news, Tim McEwen, the artist behind Greener Pastures, has done a great glowing review of a little zine that I did ages ago called The Littel Dragun.