Jolly Ol' Saint Dick Adams

Ok, so Dick Adams has pledged to cut down on his travel costs. I can understand why he would want to fly by plane. It must get really stinky having to ride behind eight reindeer all the time.

He Just Spends All His Time Gambolling Away With His Family

So, I'm at the library with my 21 month old daughter and she's toddling around and squealing and liberating the shelves of books. At one point, she brings a comic up to me, EVERYBODY LOVES TANK GIRL with drawings by Jim Mahfood. I'm quite impressed with this, but I act like I'm slightly disturbed.

As she toddled off in search of other troublesome literature (that is thankfully NOT banned by our library), I checked the book out. I fell immediately in love with Mahfood's inking style and decided to try it out on my next cartoon.

This is that cartoon.

Below Par

Careful Not To Slip On The Entrails

So, the government is thinking about cutting university funding to help pay for the Gonski reforms to primary and secondary schools.

I'm a bit pessimistic about the Australian university system, so I'm just going to say that I had a LOT of fun drawing this cartoon. Too much fun, probably.


The "Bad Dog" Complex

New rules might possibly be put in place to limit the use of biting cattle dogs here in Australia.

In other news, North Korea hates everybody.