Let's Call It A Tie

Somewhere Over Tasmania:

I drew this cartoon because Patricia Piccinini's SKYWHALE was supposed to fly over Hobart during the weekend. Unfortunately, it rained both days.

Well, at least she's safe from being popped in the name of science!

Star Struck With Schwarzenegger

Tangled In A Blue Tie

The Dark Knight Meets Dark MOFO

Apologies to Ryoji Ikeda.

His light installation for Dark MOFO really is one of the coolest things I think I've ever seen. Batman showing up would only make it marginally cooler.

Ruddy Optimism

The Protestosteopath

He Makes It Look So Easy...

What?! Another Redhead?


Let me just be upfront about this; I will never pass up any chance to draw Tony Abbott in an Edwardian dress.

The Tasmanian Budget: Now in 3D!

Up, Up and AWAY!!!

Eat Your Peas!

This cartoon is proof that if you put Malcolm Turnbull's head onto a baby's body, you get something that is deeply and terribly disturbing.

Smooth Opposition Tony

Hold On To Your Butts

Jim Wilkinson Wins

I imagine he played "Dancing Queen" to celebrate.