Pages From My Sketchbook

Just to let everyone out there know, I'm currently working on an autobio comic that I hope to be posting soon(ish). The main problem is that I keep adding pages on to it.

In the meantime, here's some pages from my sketchbook:
This was drawn while Briony was getting a tattoo in Melbourne. I was really enjoying how much detail there was in this guys studio. Lots of stuff to draw. The main problem was that he was such a professional, that he was finished with Briony's tatt waaaayyyy before I was able to get everything drawn.

These next few images are a selection of randomness that I drew in a sketchbook that's making its rounds amongst some of my buddies. I think with this one, I was on a bit of a Tank Girl kick. I dunno. Maybe I just felt like drawing goggles and big oversized gloves.

Hmm. this one? I was listening to a podcast of RadioLab about a talk this guy was giving in front of an audience about the Multiple Worlds Theory. (Cool Fact: The guy who started that theory was the father of the lead singer of the Eels!) The text refers to him describing a doppelganger him that theoretically could reside on a different planet billions of light years away.

More sketches and stuff. Kitties are fun to draw.

I drew this last one while listening to my friend Patrick Alexander's new album: Sound Club Sweet. It's incredible. It sounds like 8-bit videogame lullabies for kitties. Pucca falls asleep in my arms whenever I play it. Go to his site and download the album. It's free. Just ignore that "DONATE" button. Patrick doesn't need to eat. Or live in a safe and warm environment. All that stuff is overrated. He's HARDCORE!!! That's why he makes music. Sure it's sounds all soft and lulling, but underneath it all is the GRIT and SWEAT of an artist who doesn't need $5 to keep making his art. He makes it to drown out the groaning of his undernourished stomach and ...

Oh, just donate some money if you download the album. You'll feel better about things and what else were you gonna spend that money on? Lotto tickets?