5 hours: A Prehistoric Battle!

OK everyone, we're gonna take a little trip through time using the magical science of COMICS!! Bet you didn't know that they could do that, did you? Well, they can.

Although it seems like one of the side effects is that it'll change your hair colour.

"What are your talking about, Christopher," I hear the masses of fans yell from the 21st century. But that's not the appropriate question, you should all be asking me, "Who am I talking about?"

Sheika Lugtu, the creator of OMG Cow, a great little journal comic with flashes of colour and brilliance, made this little fight comic for me.

And so, I made a gross-out retribution comic where she shows some pretty unusual skills:

UPDATE: I just found out via her blog that Sheika got hit by a car while crossing the road a few days back. The request has been made for people to make her some guest comics while she gets better. I'm hitting my drawing board. Right Now!


The Cruellest Torture: Miss Nash ATTACKS!

Right, so I apparently live in a hole.

I've only just found out about an incredible diary cartoonist who goes by the name of Miss April Nash. Her webcomics are not only fun to read, they twist the medium in unexpected and exciting directions. She composes her comics with spontaneity and flair, yet manages to keep the whole damn thing readable. Plus, she's only 21. Yeah, that last bit makes me sick.

How did I hear about her? Well, you might remember a few days back that I invited anyone and everyone to send me a fight comic where YOU beat ME up.

Just a couple days after said challenge was presented, I got this little comic emailed to me:

That's some underhanded, cruel and unusual punishment for old Country Music lovin' me. So, I decided I'd fight back on this one:

Oh retribution is so doggone sweet. If anyone still wants to send me a fight comic where you beat me up, send it to cjdownes AT tassie.net.au

Next up: I go one on one with the prehistoric!

In other news, I've had a great review of my blog on The Weekly Review! by the excellent writer, novelist and podcaster (that I had the pleasure of sitting next to during the Emerging Writers' Festival), Myke Bartlett. Seriously, check out the podcasted stories of Salmon and Dusk. You'll love them!

OK, I've got to go. Pucca's in the hallway going cracker-cat over one of Briony's tampons. And that is some great entertainment my friends!


Sam Spina Kickin' My Arse!

In case you missed the last post, Andrew Fulton drew a great comic about him beating me up. I then challenged any and all readers to make a comic on a similar theme: Mainly, a brutal thrashing of yours truly.

Sam Spina immediately pitched this excellent round into the fray:

And, I couldn't help myself, I had to make an added ending to this malarkey:

Not my usual style, but fun to draw nevertheless!

I Choose you, Spina-Chu!


Andrew Fulton Kicks My Ass

OK Everyone, First up, I want to let you all know that I am working on some new stuff, but it's slow goin' at the moment. In the meantime, I've got a little story for you!

A few months ago, I got to meet one of my favourite Australian Comics artists: Andrew Fulton. We met up at Camp Chugnut. Andrew is this very quiet, soft-spoken ping-pong playin' fiend.

During this weekend, I witnessed him burn some butter while trying to make pancakes and thus made a comic about it:

Andrew asked me later if he could buy the original artwork of the comic. I thought about it, but felt kind of guilty about charging him for a comic based on something he did anyway. So, I decided that I'd much rather have some original artwork in return! And not just any comic... I wanted a FIGHT COMIC!

Now, just so you know, Andrew has made some of the greatest and funniest "fight" comics I've ever read. They're like these little two-dimensional ballets. You'll see what I mean when you see what he drew for me.

So, after this agreement, I went back home to Tassie and I don't get anything for like, a MONTH. I started to worry that he forgot, so I drew him a little egging on picture and emailed it to him:

That must have riled up his haunches, cause a few days later, he kicked my ass in that sweet Andrew Fulton style. I call it, "Andrew-Fu".

I love how the last row of panels actually read backwards. See what I mean about ballet?

Oh, and if any of you guys who read this want to do some sort of fan art, draw yourself kicking my butt to kingdom come. I think I feel a theme coming on.

Send it to: cjdownes AT tassie.net.au and I'll post it up on my blog!