Christopher Downes said...

Apologies to Edward Gorey.

The really sad thing about this comic is how much better my hands look in the last panel!

Jac said...

You're kidding me, right?

Lackadaisy, Looking for Group, PDH - piled higher and deeper (since 1997), Penny Arcade (since 1998), Alpha Shade, Leisure Town, Scary go Round, TIN the incompetent ninja (and all the SNAFU set), and one of my faves, Nine Lives (http://nikkistavin.com/ninelives/)

And they're just the ones I can remember. Problem with the interwebs nowdays is that everyone thinks they can and should be heard, and there's a lot of skilled but untrained hands out there who have yet to discover the big ol' world of illustration outside the bounds of manga.

Jac said...

ooh comment chaos! I'm trying to add some intrigue here ;)

(ok so I muffed my login)

Christopher Downes said...

Sister, I soooo agree! (I had a feeling this day's comic would get under your skin.) I just want to see people out there trying new things! We're all standing on the shoulders of giants. The Manga giant is just buckling under the weight.

Thanks for the links. It was VERY refreshing to check out some more practised cartoonists.

Andrei said...

Sooooo you won't read anything that's drawn in an asian style? Or what's being written isn't important, the surface is?

The reason why all the manga artists are online is because when they go to comic meetups, other people say stuff like "Manga. Oh. I suppose you must like pokemon too as well, right? I am personally into the work of Robert Crumb, here's a 15 page zine I did about how I farted in a public place. It's real life man, I'm pushing the boundaries!"

Also, what's with all the generalisations that the western style is somehow a more difficult style to take on? "more practised cartoonists"? Give me a break. It does take more skill to create a unique style, but that doesn't mean illustrators who create their own style in the confines of Asian comic traditions have any less skill than folks who choose to draw bigger mouths and blunter noses. Do you dismiss Sarah Ellerton's artistic style just because she likes larger eyes?