Anthony Woodward said...

As I heard one of the top shelf guys say in an interview, "it's nothing that drawing another 500 pages wouldn't fix!"
I'm trying to get to the 500 myself ;)

-Dad- said...

Chris, the more you dwell on your limitations, the more limited you become as you so aptly showed in your blog.
The opposite is equally true. The more you focus on your strengths the bolder and more confident you will become.
What happened to the guy who went after the tax dragon?
The man who dared to follow his dream to go to Tasmania is still waiting to show himself in one of your blogs. LET HIM!!!

Christopher Downes said...

Hey Anthony,
Thanks for that. It helps to know that I'm already 10% of the way there! Only 449 more pages to go!

Christopher Downes said...

Hey Dad,

Thanks for the pep talk. I was having a bit of a self-conscious day yesterday. I'm sure most other cartoonists go through the same thoughts. (I hope at least.) I'm just wanting to stay as true as I can to what's really going on in my head on that particular day.

I'm, feeling much more confident today, though.

boastful mom said...

Hey Chris..........
That's more like it....you've got what it takes, just let it out. You're right in being true to yourself. Quit trying to compete, just be Chris. That's what we're loving. Mom