Dojang said...

dude. nasty. who calls a camping store like that? (stares)

is B okay?

Christopher Downes said...

Yeah, she's OK. She got pretty shaken up about it, though.

John Retallick said...

Hi Christopher

I discovered your comic a week or so ago and have really enjoyed reading it. It's ggod slice of life material and i'm intrigued on how you're going with the bigger work. I do a comic show on community radio in melbourne and am coming to Hobart for a few days next week and was wondering if you might be interested in doing a little interview about your work and what's happening in comics is tassie at the moment. That's if you're up for it.

It'd also just be cool to get a heads up on where to go in town whilst i'm there chilling for a few days.

Hope this isn't too presumptuous!

Let me know what you think.



Dojang said...

awesome. that stuff can be really confronting. it's hard not to take it personally.