Bee said...

Soooo, we've had our first day back at work since "the customer" and everything seems to be okay. It's been a rough week for us and the whole situation kinda ruined our five day "break" from work we had planned. Apparently the man was placated and sent on his way. While we may not agree with some of the benefits the customer was given, we feel relatively de-bugged and are willing to let it go.
We had an amazing meal at Chooch last night so anyone who's looking for a special night out with some swish flavours, head down to Chooch in Salamanca Square to eat something yummy and see Chris's mural.
Hugs to everyone who is a regular reader of this blog!
Bee xx

Dojang said...

eageez. what was he so annoyed about anyway? did his tent somehow explode, leaving him horrifically burnt? or something?

Christopher Downes said...

It's because we didn't hold his hand and kiss his feet while he was in the store.

Dojang said...

that totally makes sense.

errgh. people.