Dojang said...

once again, could have saved 3 panels work on this one, chris. even just with MS paint. i know you're worried about looking monotonous, but trust me, with your detailed style, you'd pull it off. at least with inanimates like tables and lights. and save yourself some time. (time to do chores! yay!)

just seems to me that you're making it hard on yourself for no good reason. otherwise, as always, diggin' it.

Christopher Downes said...

Believe me, I know what you're saying. But I always get irritated when I can tell when other artists copy and paste the same artwork in different panels. It's kind of like seeing the smoke and mirrors in a magic show. The illusion is ruined.

So, yes, I'm making this harder, but if I wanted the easy route, I probably wouldn't be doing this strip every day!

Still glad you're diggin' the strip. I was afraid you fell in to shadow for a while - hadn't heard from you.

Dojang said...

yeaaaah, sorry about that dude. i still catch every strip on the evening you post, or the next morning. it's exam week, and i'm failing miserably, so i've been pushed for time+energy. we'll hafta catch up afterwards...i still owe you a milkshake. (grin)

(plus i always feel edgy commenting on peices with a lot of personal stuff in them...i still like them, but i don't feel qualified to say anything, y'know?)