Well, here's my baby steps on my new WACOM tablet. I realise that it looks unfinished and clumsy. That might be because I've never used one before. I dunno. Maybe. Anyways, panel one took me something like 3 hours to do. So, the rest was just blotted down so that I could get to bed at a semi-decent hour.


Jinja said...

Likin' the greytones! For only 3 hours that's pretty dern good! Jeez, what's next, color?

(Hmm, is there any way of getting the display size of the pages in the blog a little larger? That'd be swell.)

Christopher Downes said...

Wow, thanks! I can tell I've still got heaps to learn about this WACOM tablet. It's kinda like when a superhero first discovers he's got superpowers, but keeps mucking them up because he's still learning about them. I'll get there eventually.

As for the display size, I've tried and tried, so I'll soon be posting them on my a website that I'm currently working on. I think I'll be able to advertise the comic to a wider audience that way, too.

Dojang said...

hmmm! tablets! they promise so much, with the taunting allure of a magical chocolate cake recipie that you have all the ingredients and instructions for, but that insists on catching fire and exploding every time you try to cook it.

did you notice that there's like, a direction of line your hand almost refuses to draw? and you need to turn the tablet? but that skews everything horribly?

my advice is to use as many layers as you can stomach, rough sketch zoomed out, and then 'ink' close up. i've only been playing with mine for like, a year now, but it's still a little weird.