Dojang said...

i feel so cheated! (laughs)

digging it, just don't stoop to sketchy character art, man. we don't need another megatokyo on our hands.

Christopher Downes said...

Awwww MAN! I was TOTALLY gonna start with sketchy megatokyo inspired art. Now you've dashed all my dreams of sinking to second rate!

Nice to see you're back on. Was afraid you had fallen into shadow or something. B and I missed you.

PBetteo said...


I have a phrase: "If you want to skip the rules, do it with style."

Or better yet: "What rules?"

(i've been reading your old pages... Man, you're good--)

Dojang said...

(laughs) sorry guys, i feel loved.

yeah, i don't have internet anymore...and the library's closing! whoops! more later.

blondie said...

I predicted this one!!! Woo!!