Dojang said...

yo. i see the gorillaz grin in that last panel..digging it, one point i notice is that briony's arm seems to get lost in the top edge of that panel in the middle? they're parralel, so you kinda miss it until you look twice...or maybe that's just me.

Christopher Downes said...

Ahhhhhhhh. So nice to have you back, buddy!

Yeah, That panel is a bit of an accident. I was tired last night when I did this and realised the problem with Briony's arm way too late.

Oh, well - steep learning curve. hey?

Dojang said...

eh? learning curve? dude, s'far as i'm concerned, the stuff i peg in your comics are oversights, rather than stuff you gotta learn. heck, if it was, i wouldn't be able to peg it.

(oh, and my gf bought me that cactopus shirt of yours for xmas...(laughs))

Jac said...

I don't know, I see as much Ghibli in that grin as Hewlett :D

Keep up the good work, we're enjoying checking in every day.