A Small Drunk Man in the Audience


plebgrrrl said...

i really wanted to kick him in the pants.
that was quickly replaced by my wanting to kick the dude with the mobile phone in the pants, which was then superseded by my really really wanting to kick the old drunk man (who was calling my girlfriend a fascist for wanting him to shut the hell up during the last song) in the pants.
great show tho. What a voice...glad we were all there.

Anonymous said...

He sure was angry!

Did you hear the other loud suited turdmuffin guy who during the early songs was really obnoxious and arrogant about how he wanted to play a gig there and he had this great band and who did he talk to? The owner, Tony, heard him across the bar and told him to shut up.

He didn't though. Enjoying catching up on the comic Chris! Also the brain drawings are awesome with its little hands.

Oh Jolie.