Four Hours of Sleep


Dojang said...

man, i don't know where to start.

you're breaking so many conventions so well...i mean, the only other place i've really seen storytelling stretch the medium in this way is scott mccloud's work...all his weird little panel inventions.

it's really very awesome.

Christopher Downes said...

Thanks! I was inspired by Matt Feazell on this one. He does these great stick figure comics, but bends time and space to a degree that makes me extremely jealous.

FerGil said...

Christopher, I gotta say that I love your work. I discovered it after Patricio Betteo posted a link, and now I'm a part of the nameless hordes of your fans, lol. I draw a webcomic myself, and found some common subjects... perhaps you could take a look at my last strip and tell me what you think?


The text is in spanish, but it reads "Sometimes, I get asked how I manage to work such long hours..."

Anonymous said...

Chris, now that is one clever idea..I love how it works for you in being sooooooo tired. You come up with some very interesting material when you are sleep deprived. Mom

David said...


PBetteo said...

Skipping panels.
I know the feeling.