The Clog Solution


sorryguy said...

Great comic. And great tip! Thanks :)

Matt said...

I love how you depict the motion of your hands and forearms in the first panel.

PBetteo said...

Vinegar and baking soda? wow.
I never thought the Giant AlkaSeltzer effect could do the work.
Since I was 12, I never get those two together.

The same thing happenend in here a year ago when we moved.
A plumber destroyed the floor.
Serious shit. And not ours. Terrible days.

Anyway: Congratulations to the happy couple.

Christopher Downes said...

It's pretty crazy how well that works!

Anonymous said...

I really like this comic...very original, clever and helpful. Happy anniversary, you two. I know this is not the exact date, but I'm in the ballpark.

Anonymous said...

So funny, I love it! Good job Chris!