OK, apologies for this entry being a bit bare. This was exactly how I was feeling on the day after the ABC came to film us.

Rest assured, I'll be going back to the regular drawn comics tomorrow.

It was kind of advantageous that this entry was quick to make because I've been spending all my extra time lately working on a poster for the Sydney City Trash show at the Brisbane Hotel.


David_Mac said...

Ok, ok... poster makes up for it. ;-p

PBetteo said...

In fact, this page is beautiful. Honest.

Feels like we're in the middle of the mist.

You can do a black one in the future. Keep it for another emergency. ;) ...and for lousy mood.

Anonymous said...

Love the poster, Chris! Your wings are exceptional!

Don't mind your white page either. It contrasts nicely with your normal high detailed work.

jason said...

I'm really feeling this one. It's so hard to be creative after your day is done.

Anonymous said...

minimalist beauty and wonderfully thoughtful!
as always you're awesome, you bastard:)
oh and of course your poster rocks!!

Sooz said...

oh bum i'm djing that night too but my name doesn't get to be on the beautiful poster :( still a beautiful poster though :)