Unrealistic Expectations


FerGil said...

Ha! The strips that have gotten the best reaction from my readers have been those that I created with the firm intention of making a lousy joke.

On a different issue, last night I found that a certain Christopher Downes was trying to befriend me in FaceBook... would it be wise to accept a stranger, I wonder? ^_^

PBetteo said...

Sorry, Sir Downes.

To "suck" is out of your reach.
Keep trying.

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Ah, but it's SUCK with angels attached. That's still better than I can do :)

Christopher Downes said...

I promise to all of you. One day. I. Will. Suck.

And it will be so terrible that you will cry for pity and shame.

David "losttoy" Ano said...

You go with your bad self!