My Civil War Comic: Part 4 (The Final Installment)


Christopher Downes said...

OK, before anyone starts to complain that this story is a downer, we all need to remember that this guys life was saved.

Plus, I honestly don't know what happened after that. My Grandmother just always said that he sat in a corner, acted like he was retarded and played with a doll. And that little bit of acting saved his life.

John said...

It's not a downer at all. It's awesome. Congrats.

FerGil said...

No, no downer for me. Actually, it sounds muche more possible than if it had a happier ending. Wars are nasty, and by all accounts this event is what passes for "nice" in the midst of civil war.

Having your grandpa live through that is happy enough for me, and it made a pretty good comic. Loved the fact that you did not show enemy soldier faces. It makes them more menacing.

Jon Rob said...

This has been a great short story. Really well told and the art really makes it.
Why you aren't being asked to do stuff for the big international publishers I don't know.
Keep on doing it because I can easily imagine your work at my local bookstores graphic novel section and your art is easily as entertaining as the Craig Thompsons and Lucy Knisleys of this world if not more so.

proud momma said...

You're done...get a good night's sleep.You deserve it. I think you did an awesome job. You make me ever so proud to be your mom.

Jac said...

It is gorgeous Chris, and whether it is 'true' or not is irrelevant. The story has obviously become part of your family history if nothing more than from the telling of it or enjoying it!

El Gato Negro company said...

beautiful story!!
i loved it to the very end!
and for it being a real life story, its just pretty awesome
i love it, lovely story telling

Anonymous said...


You have every right to be proud of this work.
What will your great, great grandchildren say of you? Probably that you kept the story alive in such a vivid manner.
I wondered if one of those faceless Yanks was your other great, great grandfather who was in Nashville at the time. I would hope he would not have taken a family's horse and food.
Maybe that is another story for another time.

Dojang said...

it was possibly the best outcome. grandad was okay, and so were the yanks. noone got shot.

your granny was pretty awesome, chris.

Anonymous said...

Chris! It's extraordinary! Congratulations. As ever, a great story brilliantly told (and I did love the DVD extra-stlye making of too). However you do it, Chris, just keep on going.

-- Jen Breach