Any Opportunity to Draw a Dragon...

I'm a big fan of Andrew Fulton's comic work. This guy arranges his panels in the strangest, most insane and beautiful ways I've ever seen or imagined. His use of negative space makes him absolutely unique. Plus, his drawing style is effortless. Or at least seems that way to me.

I seethe with envy whenever I read his stuff. I want to copy it and claim it as my own.

A while back, he drew a comic about a wizard and asked for someone to finish it. I jumped at the chance.

He put it up on his site and said some very nice things about me. If you don't know this guys work, you should check it out.


Matt said...

Wow, his drawings are so unique and beautiful. Your addition is amazing. Thanks for the link; I've got some clickin' to do.

Sam Spina said...

yeah wow his stuff is great! the layouts are so different it's crazy. And that's an awesome dragon!