The Cruellest Torture: Miss Nash ATTACKS!

Right, so I apparently live in a hole.

I've only just found out about an incredible diary cartoonist who goes by the name of Miss April Nash. Her webcomics are not only fun to read, they twist the medium in unexpected and exciting directions. She composes her comics with spontaneity and flair, yet manages to keep the whole damn thing readable. Plus, she's only 21. Yeah, that last bit makes me sick.

How did I hear about her? Well, you might remember a few days back that I invited anyone and everyone to send me a fight comic where YOU beat ME up.

Just a couple days after said challenge was presented, I got this little comic emailed to me:

That's some underhanded, cruel and unusual punishment for old Country Music lovin' me. So, I decided I'd fight back on this one:

Oh retribution is so doggone sweet. If anyone still wants to send me a fight comic where you beat me up, send it to cjdownes AT tassie.net.au

Next up: I go one on one with the prehistoric!

In other news, I've had a great review of my blog on The Weekly Review! by the excellent writer, novelist and podcaster (that I had the pleasure of sitting next to during the Emerging Writers' Festival), Myke Bartlett. Seriously, check out the podcasted stories of Salmon and Dusk. You'll love them!

OK, I've got to go. Pucca's in the hallway going cracker-cat over one of Briony's tampons. And that is some great entertainment my friends!


miss nash said...

well, ain't that just the most awesome revenge that I've just ever seen! - truly epic battling with you! x

Sam Spina said...

I LOVE BATTLE COMICS! hopefully you get a ton and make a mini comic out of it! that's such a good idea for a book! and yeah april's stuff is incredible

SheikaL said...

Hah! Now that is some sweet revenge! Angsty emo Chris is a sight to behold.

GARZA said...

ah man these battles keep getting better and better! Nash's work is really awesome as well, dig her style

Matt said...

I'm astounded how a concept like "battle comics" can mean such different things to different artists. Truly awesome! I gotta get off my ass and do one.

Robin Cain said...

Oh wow! I'm a fan of April's... she's awesome and whoa, that's some crazy angst-y superpower. The Battle Comics are a great idea... I hope you make a mini comic too, that would be great!

Freckled Sparrow said...

Gah! Emo Chris - I LOVE IT!!