Test Run for The Mercury

OK OK OK. There's a few things that you need to know about this cartoon.

  1. It's a political cartoon about Australian Politics.
  2. It's about a week and a half past its expiration date. It's no longer relevant. The election has already been held and crazily enough, we still don't have any idea who's gonna be our Prime Minister.
  3. It was never actually published. It was a "dummy run" for the Mercury Newspaper here in Hobart. I'm applying to be a once-a-week cartoonist for them and they're putting me through the ringer to see if I can actually come up with a cartoon by the deadline.

I would try to explain what's going on with all of this, but I might bore you. All you really need to know is that the guy pictured is Tony Abbott, who was going on a useless no-sleep-till-election promotion. And workchoices? To be honest, I still don't understand that. Tony Abbott apparently did because he implemented it and then it was revoked as being cruel and unfair. So, at this point, Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister, has been saying that Abbott would try to bring this back if he were elected.

Now, all that being said, I want to assure all of you that I'll still be making regular comics. I've got one that I'm inking at the moment. I just wanted to show you this because I thought it turned out nice and I wanted to show it off.


Robin Cain said...

Even tho I don't totally get it, you're right, it's a good comic. It would be cool if you got the job! Good luck!

Sam Spina said...

political cartoons are way over my head, but thats awesome you might have a weekly comic in a paper!

Mike Greaney said...

i dig it man

Frank Thwaite said...

yeah... I dont know why you are so worried; have you SEEN the standard of political commentary in this country?

Matt said...

A weekly political cartoon?! That'd be awesome. Good luck, man. After seeing this example, I'd say you're a lock to get the job (you should get the gig just for all the body hair you drew... that's dedication).

FerGil said...

Agreed, it's very complicated to explain a political cartoon, but to be able to make one is awesome, man! Best of lucks with that, and try not to become too cynical (the risk of hearing about politics...)