New TMAG EXhibit

This cartoon is primarily an in-joke for all of us Hobartians. So, I'll try to fill everyone else in.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery will be going through a few expensive renovations during the next few years. This is both good and bad. Good; in that it'll be a nice compliment to the new MONA Museum that is currently outshining everything else on the island. Bad; because that money could help to keep a few full-time jobs that Lara Giddings has decided to cut. (By a few, I mean 2,300.)

I had this idea for the TMAG's famous Muttaburrasaurus skeleton that greets people as they enter through the main entrance that looks like a side entrance. (Maybe renovations are needed.) This cartoon got me thinking about what future exhibits might be in the new TMAG.

David Bartlett in a pickle jar is another small in-joke. The TMAG is also famous for it's slightly disturbing Thylacine embryo in a jar. I had to put our ex-premier in there to let him know that we'll always remember him fondly.

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