Two New Cartoons

Apologies once again for not posting anything in ages. This time, I've got a viable excuse - Clementine, our new daughter.

Despite that, I'm going to make a greater effort to post cartoons that I publish in the Mercury more often.

This was my first autobio cartoon that I got published. If any of you haven't checked out Ali Ferzat's cartoon work, you should. He has a very simple style and his cartoons communicate complex ideas clearly for being in a different language. Very impressive stuff. Also check out the self-portrait he drew from hospital!

This is my best Julia Gillard drawing yet. She's getting coaching from an expert now in order to be seen as a more effective leader. Let's just hope he doesn't have to resort to putting marbles in her mouth.


Matt said...

That Ali Ferzat self-portrait is fucking brilliant. Great stuff, Chris, and I've been loving your Clementine posts on Facebook. She's adorable.

Skimma said...

Love Julia's elocution lesson, Chris. You've written her horrible accent so well!

Sam Spina said...

yea ali ferzat seems awesome! and congratulations on Clementine! she's going to be very artsy!

melaleuca said...

Hey Chris, Isn't there some you've missed here??? MORE MORE!!!

David Ano said...

Congratulations on you new baby!!! Where are the baby pictures?

And as always, I love the comics!