Home on the (Free) Range

One of the big news stories last week was how Tassie will be banning battery hens as well as sow stalls. It's a great move for animal rights and there has been much rejoicing.

There's also news that Tasmania will be banning single use plastic bags being given out at shopping centres. We use reusable bags and it's common to see other people using them at the supermarket. All in all, the environmentalist in me is pretty chuffed at these results.

My original drawing actually had brand names all over the bags of the major companies that still use plastic bags. But my wife actually suggested that I might get myself into some sort of legal trouble with that. Plus - and this was the more convincing argument - it would be easier to colour.


DaveMahler said...

greatest pig ever. and a perfect illustration as always, nice work Chris,

Matt said...

Gorgeous stuff. I wish the editorial cartoons in my local paper were half as well-drawn.