Stormwater and Robots

 I'm gonna admit something about this cartoon. It was created out of laziness.

It was suggested that I do something on the Glenorchy city council selling stormwater to the Nyrstar Zinc plant. My immediate idea was to draw a kind of rain cycle diagram that would show the Nyrstar plant pumping Zinc into the clouds that were then raining onto Glenorchy, who was collecting it and selling it back to Nyrstar. The only problem with that is that I would have to draw the Nyrstar plant - which is a crazy mess of tubes, pipes and chimneys.

So I thought, "How can I do this cartoon without having to draw that plant?" I know it's a lazy approach, but sometimes laziness can produce some great results. It's rare, but it does happen.
Anyone who watched Insiders last Sunday saw Tony Abbot yet again stumbling over his own policy. This time he was trying to convince us that reverting back to the Howard Years policy for Asylum Seekers is the only solution. When asked how it would work, he just repeated himself. Like a robot. On the fritz.

I swear I saw a thin line of smoke coming from his ears.

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