Two Cartoons in One Post! Plus, Added Trivia at No Extra Cost!

Tasmanians in the north are up in arms about a Supertrawler that's coming down to haul away several tonnes of bait fish. Rightly so, too. It's most likely gonna wreak havoc for the fishing community. Not to mention the fish.

Annnnd David Walsh is in the news for owing the Tax Department about 38 million dollars for all of his gambling winnings. Most Tasmanians are fearful that MONA, our most popular tourism draw card, might close down because of it. I personally don't think so. I'd even bet on it.

I think this whole ordeal shows negligence on the part of the Tax Department. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they really do still use Burroughs Adding Machines. 

Side Note: The grandson of the guy who invented that iconic calculator is none other than William S. Burroughs, the writer of Naked Lunch. That typewriter bug kinda makes a little bit more sense to me now. Well, more sense than the Tax Department does.

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