The Abbott Calling The Kettle Black

Sometimes, you've got to get a cartoon done super-quick. The morning of the day this was due, my wife and I had to meet someone for breakfast, then go to an after-hours doctor (it was Saturday) across town to see about her sore throat and my earache.

Then we drove back home so that I could get to work on the next day's cartoon. Instead, I took a 40 minute nap. (I told you, I was sick.)

After all of that, I got myself into high gear on getting this cartoon done, which (being a Sunday cartoon) had to be finished and delivered earlier than my usual deadline. So, if it looks a little bit rushed, that's why. I also had to squash the entire cartoon after I was done colouring it because I can never get the Sunday dimensions just right. For some reason, they're different to the other days.

The story behind this is from a comment that Tony Abbott made about a controversial Muslim leader's visit to Australia. Disproportionate opinions aside, I don't think Tony is very qualified to be castin' that first stone.

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Maude Farrugia said...

People in glass houses... :)