Guns. What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothin'!

I'm not gonna hide the fact that I'm a strong gun control advocate. I had a big rant about it in a previous post about the Aurora Killings. I think all the guns in the world should be melted down and made into bicycle gears and elevator buttons.

I realise that there are many people out there that probably think I'm an idiot for thinking this. That's alright, everyone is entitled to their own heinous delusions. But let's face it, there's a problem and it's not the people who don't own guns that are causing it.

Stricter gun control laws in America won't immediately fix the mass murdering epidemic that currently faces them. They're in it up to their necks and it'll only get worse before it gets better. But I do believe that gun control is the answer. I mean, look at the results from Australia's gun control laws implemented in 1996. It has also worked in Japan.

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