Déjà Choo Choo

The ABT Wilderness Railway, one of Tasmania's biggest tourist attractions, is "losing its steam."

But, this is a train that started out carrying copper from Queenstown mines to Strahan.  And there might be a possible mining boom in the Tarkine which is kind of nearby!

Imagine...60 or so years of mining prosperity and then, when the Tarkine all depleted of mineral goodness, the mining companies will abandon the area. It'll probably be left a wasteland for something like 37 years, until a well meaning tourism company runs a railway through it. Tourists flock to see the new "Tarkine Mine Railway." It costs a hell of a lot, but they don't care. They get to see a big ugly pit from a train! Eventually, because it's so far away from everything else and just too damn expensive, it goes bust. And then, someone will discover that there were actually still some minerals that were left in the soil a few kilometres away....

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