Camp Chugnut

Ahhhhh. What could be better for a cartoonist's creative soul than a weekend away in the bush with 17 other incredibly talented cartoonists?

That's what Camp Chugnut (it was named before its definition was fully realised) was all about. Out near Yarrah Junction in the countryside of Victoria amongst the trees and kookaburrahs, 18 cartoonists gathered for a weekend of drawing comics, reading comics and a kamishibai performed by Bernard Caleo. Brilliant stuff!

Have a look at the official Chugnut Comics Collective Blog to see all the random weirdness that eventuates when comics artists gather and collaborate.

I've even posted a comic or two on the site so that you can have a small idea of what life was like there.


GARZA said...

wow that sounds so cool! Wish we had something like that in AZ

Matt said...

That does sound like a good time.

You're startin' to look a bit shaggy in that drawing, Chris. Are you growing your hair long?

Jason said...

That sounds like so much fun. I should try to organize something like that in my neck of the woods :)

Sam Spina said...

yeah, that sounds totally awesome

Christopher Downes said...

YES! You all should organize comics camps for your respective areas! They're amazing and you'll love it.

Matt- I'm booked in to get my hair cut on Tuesday. I haven't had it cut since early December. LAAAZZZZYYYYYY!

Erin Hunting said...

Nice stuff, I especially like the cryptic comic that you first posted. Really nice inks too.