Andrew Fulton Kicks My Ass

OK Everyone, First up, I want to let you all know that I am working on some new stuff, but it's slow goin' at the moment. In the meantime, I've got a little story for you!

A few months ago, I got to meet one of my favourite Australian Comics artists: Andrew Fulton. We met up at Camp Chugnut. Andrew is this very quiet, soft-spoken ping-pong playin' fiend.

During this weekend, I witnessed him burn some butter while trying to make pancakes and thus made a comic about it:

Andrew asked me later if he could buy the original artwork of the comic. I thought about it, but felt kind of guilty about charging him for a comic based on something he did anyway. So, I decided that I'd much rather have some original artwork in return! And not just any comic... I wanted a FIGHT COMIC!

Now, just so you know, Andrew has made some of the greatest and funniest "fight" comics I've ever read. They're like these little two-dimensional ballets. You'll see what I mean when you see what he drew for me.

So, after this agreement, I went back home to Tassie and I don't get anything for like, a MONTH. I started to worry that he forgot, so I drew him a little egging on picture and emailed it to him:

That must have riled up his haunches, cause a few days later, he kicked my ass in that sweet Andrew Fulton style. I call it, "Andrew-Fu".

I love how the last row of panels actually read backwards. See what I mean about ballet?

Oh, and if any of you guys who read this want to do some sort of fan art, draw yourself kicking my butt to kingdom come. I think I feel a theme coming on.

Send it to: cjdownes AT tassie.net.au and I'll post it up on my blog!


Matt said...

That's awesome, Chris. His work has a painterly, Sam Keith-esque feel to it but really funny and mischievous. I bet that'll look great framed up all nice in your house. And I totally agree that exchanging art can be better than charging money.

Glad you're doing well, man. Keep us posted.

Robin Cain said...

That is amazing! I love trading art too... I love your comics and Andrew really did kick your ass good.

Sam Spina said...

totally sending you a fight comic

Jen Breach said...

You're leaving out the best bit, Chris, the bit about how Andrew's comic is an historical record of actual events. You're a lucky devil to have that original art... and the scars, too!

Frank Thwaite said...

he he he he he he he har har har har tee hee *chortle*

Dojang said...

halfway through exams. i'll see if i can't bludgeon something out in a week or two.