The "Good" Samaritan

 Tsk...tsk...tsk, Western Australia. Haven't you learned the value of sharing? Or friendship? No apparently not, because they keep saying that they're gonna secede if they're forced to share their GST revenue!

Honestly, their government is like that kid in preschool hoarding all the toys in the corner and not wanting to play with the others.

Griping aside, this cartoon was surprisingly fun to draw. Had to research monster trucks and tweak a few details, but it was mega fun. It also ended up looking quite different from the original sketch that I sent in:
Sometimes, I've gotta just jot down an idea quickly before the joke leaks out of my brain.

I also got a chance to go live sketchin' with Clementine's swimming buddy's dad, the one and only Tony Thorne.

This one is a bit more caricature than real sketch, but I just wanted a play.


Matt said...

Dude, that monster truck is killer. Well done, sir.

Christopher Downes said...

Thanks Matt!

melaleuca said...

That is quite amusing indeed.