Mum's know best

It's always great when two different news stories with similar threads happen at the same time. It makes coming up with a joke just a little bit easier. Of course, that's something all cartoonists are on the lookout for. (I for one am sick of cartoons depicting the Labor Party as the Titanic and The Carbon Tax as the iconic iceberg. I don't claim to be a great political cartoonist, but C'MON - even I saw those jokes coming a mile away.)

Sooo, the state government is looking to cut out funding for Mothers Groups - something that my wife has found incredibly useful with the raising of Clementine. We feel lucky that we got to be part of that right before it stopped. It's a stupid move by the government - and they're making enemies with the WRONG people. Mums. If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then it's suffice to say that women hath no fury like a mum scorned. And before you ask - no, none of the babies are based on Clementine. Well, maybe the thylacine baby...

In other news, it's been found out that there isn't a contingency plan for if and when a Thylacine is ever found. I know, they're supposed to be extinct, but every year there is at least one farmer out in Woop-Woop who swears his brother saw one while staggering home drunk last Thursday night. And don't let the fact that their neighbor has a rare brown labrador with stripes get in the way of the truth, either!  So, it remains a nice little Tasmanian legend. Our little sasquatch. 

I had two ideas spawn from these stories. Here's the other one:

"and after that, let's play G-20 summit. I get to be Engalnd this time!"

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