The Cursing Mummy

The news for this past weekend was a bit scarce. One of the more interesting topics was that the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) was getting it's roof lifted off for renovations.

The TMAG is one of those interesting museums that has strange little oddities in every corner - like a mummy beneath the stairs. I've always been fascinated with it. It's like a character from Grimm's Tales for Little Pharaohs.

It's always fun to mess with speech bubbles, too. I even did a little bit of research so that I could sneakily hieroglyph some rude words into the cartoon. They're not really bad. Just bad enough to be rewarding to anyone who took the time to translate them.

I've also got an illustration in the fourth issue of SODA magazine - which is free in Hobart. I know you can find issues at Devil's Kitchen, but I'm not sure where else.


Mom said...

All I can say is"Wow"....the best!

Matt said...

These are gorgeous... Well done, sir.