Wilkie and Rezoning Battery Point

The other day, I was in the grocery that's just down the street from us and saw Andrew Wilkie looking at the wine. I kept looking at him and thinking, "OK, That's what his chin looks like in real life." I can't tell you how many times I have google image searched this guy for a cartoon. So, getting to see him was kind of exciting.

And for those new to Aussie Politics, Wilkie isn't a problem gambler. He's been working hard to cut down problem gambling - by taking gambles on the Prime Minister.
I'm surprised the Mercury let me go with this cartoon. In fact, they picked it out of the rough ideas I sent them.

Battery Point is being rezoned by the council. Well, they're trying. I'm still not sure what plans they've got up their sleeve, but they want one of the more prominent blocks to be rezoned into the Sullivan's Cove District - which is where Salamanca is located. That means property value will probably drop significantly for anyone who owns land on this block.

The council probably just want to build a giant parking garage. They're classy like that.

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