Sinkin' Down To Alan Jones' Locker.

You know, I've lived my entire life without listening to any sort of shock-jock radio. I have never listened to Howard Stern, Kyle Sandilands or Alan Jones. Part of the reason why is #2 on this great list from Cracked.com: The 10 Most Important Things That They Didn't Teach You In School. (Warning: Some of the things on this list might not be safe for work.)

Alan Jones is once again in the news for saying that the Prime Minister's Father probably died of shame over his daughter's so-called "lies." (For the record, I don't believe making a promise and then breaking that promise is actually a "lie." It's unfortunate, yes, but I believe a lie can only exist after the event to which it refers has occurred. But that's just me being pedantic.)

From what I've read, Mr. Jones has a penchant for saying that things he doesn't like should be thrown in a chaff-bag and dumped in the sea. Well, guess what his sponsors are doing?

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