The Ketchup Post

This past week, I got the opportunity to draw more cartoons than usual. Here they all are with the exception of one cartoon that was pulled right before publication because it was a little bit too biting. (I must confess to being more flattered that I crossed the line of decency than angered about not getting a cartoon published that I worked all day on.)

So, without further self-congratulations on my own cartoons which are so scathing that I don't even want to post it on my blog for fear of being sued by a senator who's careful to never smile wide enough for fear that his fangs might show, here are the "safe" ones:

Jet-setting Tasmanian multi-millionaire David Walsh has escaped his problems with the Tax Office and now plans to build a massive hotel that's the exact height as the Wrest Point Casino Hotel.

In retrospect, I think I might have made the visual pun for this a little too subtle.

This cartoon is about Lara Giddings seeing the glass as overflowing instead of half full - or completely empty, as the Federal Government sees it.

Joe Hockey, you are much harder to caricature than I thought you would be.

I ran out of drawing paper before I started on this cartoon. It was raining outside and I was too lazy to get suited up to go across town to buy more paper which would potentially just get wet anyways.

So, this cartoon is drawn and coloured completely with my WACOM tablet.

PS: Sorry, I haven't put any links with this post. I'm sure you can find information about these news stories if you google them. 

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