Mamma's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Politicians

Everyone in Australia and many people all over the world have seen the YouTube clip of our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard giving Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, a verbal castration in front of Parliament. There was even an article about it published in The New Yorker!

Now, I'm fully behind Julia standing up to Tony. He's said some really horrible things in the past and I'm glad he's being called out for it. But some people are saying that these politicians might not be the best role models for kids. (Sorry, I can't find the link for that particular story. But it's not much of a stretch for the imagination to believe that it was said.)

I'm gonna be honest here. I would MUCH rather see my daughter look up to someone like our female Prime Minister than someone like Tony Abbott. Or even worse, this woman.

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Andrew said...

Ar no, Bingle may look like a bad role model but that is better than a bad role model that looks good.

Once you decide Gillard or Bob Carr or Abbott are good people you become supportive of their position on any issue which you don't have prior knowledge of. Especially as a member of the UN Security Council we now hold the fate of our neighbours such as Papua in our hands.